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CNG Sequential Injection System Kit (3.4 cyl.)
V5.0OBD Professional

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Advantage of E-xon ECU Kits

• OBD Function

• All roads, All-Weather, Best Driving Experience。

• High Demand Emission Standard

• Aluminum Alloy Shell, Strong Anti-Jamming Capability    5. Self-Research

Function Comparison of E-xon ECU Kits



Fuel supply



Engine CYL.

3,4 cyl.

3,4 cyl.3,4 cyl.3,4 cyl.

Basic setting

GAS/Petorl Auto-switch 

Main calibration

Partial calibration

OBD self-learning



Oxygen sensor


OBD test and fault code clearance



Auto calibration

MAP table

Table No.12X12

Table No.12X12Table No.12X12Table No.12X12

Water tempt.calibration

Gas Pressure calibration
Gas tempt.calibration×
Map calibration×
Low pressure auto-switch to petrol
Anticipate the injection sequence
Gas transition adjust
Start and stop mode
Extra-injection sensitivity
LED/Digital showing
Gas leakage Alarm×
Power Loss Ratio<10%<10%<10%<10%

√with function ,×without function.

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