about us


OEM Partners:

Base on the advantage in Gas ECU development and high quality mechanical parts.
E-XON has worked with many domestic OEM customers to develop the gas system, our gas system now satisfy Euro V emission standard.

Passenger automotive OEM customer include:

Shanghai Volkswagen、SMA、KIA、Chery、Changan、Foton、JAC、etc.

Diesel engine OEM customer including:

Dongfeng nanchong engine, HI-Tech engine, Wuxi xilian diesel engine, Dongfeng chaochai etc.

AM Partners:

Through the regional service center, brand workshop, channel partners, three kinds of mode, E-XON establish a comprehensive customer service network, which provide fast and high quality products and service.

The regional service center

North Region (Beijing Office, Shenyang Office),
East Region (Shanghai),
West Region (Xi'an Office, Chengdu Office, Xinjiang Office)

Our brand workshop:

Daqing E-XON, Hefei E-XON, Urumqi E-XON, Zhengzhou E-XON, Zibo E-XON……