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From 2006 Jiaxing E-XON Power Technology Co., Ltd began to expand overseas market, and keeps providing high quality products and completed service, through constant innovation and service, we win the customer's trust and respect.

Now E-XON's products are sold in more than 30 countries around the world. Completed service channel ensure that the most competitive products and service provided to our end customer.

The products and service we are offer are: automotive CNG / LPG bi-fuel systems and service, dedicated CNG system for the diesel engine, clean energy genset, gas engine etc.

E-XON's development base on the support and trust from our partner and distributor, thank you very much be long with us.


Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Italy, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Serbia, United States, India, Australia, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Germany, Panama, Iran, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Korea, Peru, Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil Bangladesh, Yemen, Oman, South Africa, Venezuela, Turkey, Canada, etc.

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